Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sila google cara2 nak pujuk girlfren kalu dia merajuk.

what am I going to tell u is a normal issue if you are currently in a relationship.

How your mind will go beyond your limit when you are actually waiting for him/her to reply your text msg & at the same time pretending that you are actually dont mind because you understand the reason behind it.

A woman always realizes that she eventually becomes a selfish person. Trying to get his partner full attention. Cannot help it. Can you? If yes, you must be a man reading this entry ;p

Feels like want to merajuk & so on but at the same time your mind is telling you it is not worth it. Your partner might get tired of you for not being supportive & understand.

But we cannot pretend that we are OK while actually we are not, right? It will eat you slowly & not healthy for a long term solution.

Baiklah kamu, saya mahu merajuk.

ps: Sila google cara2 nak pujuk girlfren kalu dia merajuk.

(I feel like I want to delete this post..oh noo)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

when relationship status changed

My friend just update his status to married at facebook. Agak kecil hati di situ tak jemput saya. (gurau je..chinese wedding anyway) ;p

Just wanna tell u I really admire his love story when we worked together as an intern. How his very cute galfren from sabah (that time not yet a gf) came to Ipoh just want to meet him & found out that he'd actually dating somebody else. He eventually broke up with his galfren & coupled with that sabah gal. They were actually very committed to each other & planning to get married but unfortunately the relationship is over. Every gift & present she gave to my friend had a very symbolic meaning which at that time I feel like wow..maybe it is a true love anyway.

After intern, I rarely hang out with my friend anymore & do not know the update of his love story anymore. Saya mmg pendengar setia kisah cinta waktu itu. But I like it anyway..muahaha. When a guy friend telling you how much he loves his girlfren, mulut macam ternganga.. is this kind of love story exist?

Rupenya2 love story itu dah berakhir. Dia kawen dgn org lain. **stalk dkt fb** hee

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I love living here ;)

waktu ni tgh drive tp sanggup berhenti kat tepi jalan snap few picture using henfon norkiah

Im thinking whether I would actually like to live in somewhere else

Macam org keyel yg lebih admire tgk lampu klcc dan x perasan awan dan langit di atasnya

I like to stop the clock for a while from a busy schedule. Tempat ni kat umah saya, kat sebelah tebing tu ialah sungai kinta, lepas tu br nmpak pokok2 n gunung tu.

Ipoh ni tgh2 bandar dia ada gunung..mana ada bandar, jalan besar dia betul2 tepi gunung batu kapur, tul tak?