Monday, March 23, 2009

xde kena mengena

di mana2 sahaja ak mndengar cerita ttg
alaa..nak kawen..
abang sedara nk kawen bulan 6
haih..gelfren die lg muda dr ak..
kak sedara br tunang
adik sedara nk kawen bulan 6 ni gak...
adik sedara? uhuk2.. walaupun sgt muda. 20 tahun..sudah sampai jodohnya

kazen2ku blum ade lg yg kawen...kami adalah 1st batch yg br keje, br nk grad, masih di kolej.
batch kedua masih di sek rendah, tadika, dan seantero dgn permainan lego *xde kena mengena

mungkin sbb itu ak terasa..
terasa? tua mungkin
ohh tidak..

jgn peduli itu semua..

mimpi ak sjak kebelakangan ini cume fyp
mimpi waktu presentation
mimpi kena condemn
mimpi x siap
mimpi x siap tp berjaya goreng kunun siap

sape kata kalu mimpi jumpe ular, jodoh die nak dekat?
ak byk kali mimpi ular..
xde pape pun...hahaha
jumpe ular tedung kat belakang rumah pun byk kali..
alhamdulillah..xde pape..

utk org2 yg masih single..
ayat x leh blah..

ade 1 joke yg ak tgk kat american funniest home video =)
ucapan dr ayah pengantin:
remember..ive told you,
there are 3 rings
engagement ring,
marriage ring,

*hahaha..saje nak menyedapkan hati..

terbaca satu post

"will you marry yourself?"

ok..apa jawapan kamu?

saya cume mampu kata "maybe..mungkin"
dan bukannye "of coz! certainly"
org2 tua ckp, kalu x pandai masak, kemas umah camne nk kawen? x pandai masak tp kemas umah ok...ehh2
kadang2 sy degil, ikut ckp sendiri je..wat keje last minit..masih tgk kartun doraemon
sbb itu jwpan soalan itu adalah mungkin..

lapar laa plak..*masih xde kena-mengena

merepeknye entri kali ni! aaaaaa~

Saturday, March 14, 2009

sy mintak maaf

ak jumpe 1 game flash yg besh~ 
act bukan ak jumpe..
romet ak yg berkata "kin..tgk game ni, ko mesti suke"

tagline " you have desire to take out your frustration on someone but not able to do it? here is the opportunity for you" flash yg bese tu..yg ade gambar org pastu leh tumbuk muke org tu, leh tendang, tembak atau suruh semut tu serang..
tp yg tu terlalu kejam!
sebab muke die penyek + lebam bile kt tendang/pukul die
*x smpai hati~ hehe
keinginan itu ade, tp timbul plak rase kesian
*haih..masalah betul..haha
saje je nak wat ak rasa bersalah blk..

tp game flash ni seriously cute..
bule enter nama kita n nama org yg kt nak sekeh..
pastu kt just pull ear or pull ear and slap je..
x trase jahat sgt kan? =p
anyway, this will not be in reality...
sometimes i do feel frustrated with few things around me..
but i guess its normal..
things are not always perfect.
and sometimes i would say salahkan pms.. =p

saya diberi kartun si kurus! *saje x mahu ckp pasal warna kulit..aiyak

x dgr cakap telinga km

jahatnye saya ni!
en cube teka, sy mintak maaf~


Friday, March 6, 2009

wow gler..

gambar dari kiri ke kanan:
laptop: bende pertama ak cari aka bestfren plg setia..menaip, menonton, mendonlod, menyiapkan esemen..
jam, alat menulis : yg tu je masih berdiri dgn tegak
gambar famili, produk cuci muke yg x digunakan: (ak mmg x dtakdirkan utk rajin membelai muka. pakai yg bese2 sude..rimas byk2 ni..last2 jd hiasan atas meja)
kotak meter & buku microcontroler: br blk lab..sbb tu meja jadi camni..fyp ohh fyp..
nota2 lecture: tersadai jee..huhu
serabot kan?

dgn ini sy ingin mengishtiharkan perang kebizian!
next week schedule:
3 test (wed, thurs, sat?..)
1 assignment (submit thurs)
fyp progress report (submit fri)
fyp seminar presentation (fri)

wow gler kan~

Thursday, March 5, 2009


inilah akibatnye..

apabile lecturer dtg lambat.

nak buat camne~

cicak woman is here..hoho

menggunakan kuasa melekap secara maksimum

dah hilang super power melekap..
*aksi yg x menjadi sbb ade org lalu lalang..
segan kunun~

cicak woman terperangkap di dalam almari.

*seb bekla orgnye kecil molek..muat dgn senangnya

wanna join?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

You, Me & We - secret no2

Last Saturday (yesterday act), I went to Jusco hang out there with my girlfrens. I bought a book at MPH title Life is an open secret, You Me & We, written by Zabrina A.Bakar. While waiting for my friend finding a book she has been looking for, suddenly my heart said “lets go to the shelves that have a good positive story” *actually I wanna find a book that has appeared in Oprah Winfrey show I once saw on TV. I couldnt’t find it but Alhamdullilah, I found this book. I really want to share with you, how this book gives an impact to me. I can say it is in the form of “dakwah” that can touch every heart with stories and excitation of al-Quran and Hadith..

Here is a bit of its contents from secret no2 “Be kind to others”:

Frederick L.Collins summed it up really well when he said:

There are 2 types of people-those who come into a room and say, “well, here I am!” and those who come in and say “Ah, there you are.”

I chuckled when I read what he said the first time. Somehow that UB40 “Here I am” started humming in my head!

How do I make it stop?

Focus, Zabrina! Focus!

Okay2..Where was I?

(I think the writer is a funny and simple person, she tells you about what she feels like our own sister, don’t you think so?)

During the times when we are freezing cold, they come and say Here-I-Am. When we are hungry, they have food in their hands and say Here-I-Am. They say here I am and shared the only biscuits they have. They pick up our phones calls at midnight and say don’t worry, Here-I-am..

They made me ask myself-Am I living a life as Here-I-Am person or There you are person?

I remembered a verse sent down to us from Allah, our Lord who said:

“Woe to worshippers, who are absent minded to their prayer, those who make a show(of piety), and refuse to render small act of kindness (towards others).”

(Al-Ma’un 107: 4-7)

Ya Allah..(O my God). Did Allah just use the word woe? Woe to the ones who refused to render small act of kindness? Do we know what is the implications of this word woe my friends?

As I flipped the pages of my big fat dictionary, I learned that the word woe meant serious, grief, misfortune, sadness, despair and misery.

Gulp! Na’udhubillah ( We seek refuge in Allah) I could feel my knees going wobbly suddenly.

Let us ask ourselves- have we ignored an old man who has difficulties crossing the road? Or our mother request to massage their painful backs and tired feet?

(got a lot more, I didn’t include, but then this book explains on how we can do something about it goes, please continue read)

Suddenly I realized that I really need to know something. What does Allah mean by small act of kindness? How small is small? What is the quantum of “smallness kindness” Allah is saying to us here.

The answer came form our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him):

“Do not belittle even the smallest act of kindness, even if it were no more than meeting your brother with a smiling and cheerful face.”


SubhanAllah… I cannot believe it! The smallest act of kindness is a cheerful, smiling face? Isnt that amazing? I couldn’t believe that it is so simple to be kind! Alhamdulillah!

And you know something else? I found that we don’t necessarily need a human being to be kind too! What we need is at least a living being, as said by the Prophet (peace be upon him) here:

“…O Allah Messenger! Is there a reward for us in serving the animals?” He said, “Yes, there is a reward for serving any animate (living being).”

(Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

SubhanAllah!. So, even if we suddenly become Tom Hanks being cast Away on an island alone- we still have a chance to be kind!

(Later, the author told you a story about a man mentioned in hadith.. )

I love this book..Im grateful that I had bought this book at the first place. Im quite amaze myselves on how this book have a great impact on me and the next person I would like to share the book is the one I loved most. My mother.. so, before I went back to utp this evening, I handed the book to my mother. “mak kena bace ni, best..betul.., x tipu..” all of you sorry, mak 1st..i strongly suggest you to buy the book..hee